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Retrofit LED Modules

A retrofit recessed downlight is basically a new light engine that gets inserted into an existing housing. Often times, it is used to quickly and easily upgrade existing downlights to use more efficient lighting technologies, such as LED, without having to remove the entire existing light fixture and install a new one. Retrofit fixtures save your ceiling system from the excess damage and subsequent repairs that would come from the removal and reinstallation of entire fixtures. So the idea is that you simply remove your existing light source (i.e. lamp), but keep the installed housing where it is in the ceiling. The new retrofit fixture then installs into the existing housing.

LED modules also play an integral role in new construction or remodel applications, acting as the light source for new downlight housing units.

Get a Custom Quote for Downlights

Contact us today and let us assemble a custom quote for your bulk retrofit downlight needs.

Whether you are a contractor updating your client’s lighting fixtures or a homeowner looking for an energy-efficient lighting alternative, you will love our retrofit LED recessed downlights. These affordable fixtures can update any room’s décor, while providing just the right amount of light to accent building features and craftsmanship. Modernize your power-hungry incandescent or halogen recessed fixtures with these retrofit LED kits. With their energy efficiency, plus a rated lifespan that will allow for years of continuous use, these LED lights are a smart fiscal purchase.

Our retrofit fixtures are available in multiple sizes to fit your needs. Each of these styles is available in multiple trim colors such as dark bronze, brushed steel, and white. Dimming-capable and Energy Star-rated models are available.