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New Construction Fixtures and Housings

New construction downlights are comprised of a fully enclosed housing that is installed before your drywall ceiling or acoustical ceiling tile goes in. These can lights usually include adjustable bar hangers that allow them to be mounted to above-ceiling framing members (joists, studs, T-bar grids, etc.) to support the weight of the fixture.

Take your new construction from plain to perfect with our LED indoor new construction downlights. These styles place a modern twist on the traditional recessed lighting design by incorporating LED lighting technology. Forget power-hungry incandescent lamps and instead install these efficient LED alternatives. You will save energy every time you turn on the lights with these cool, durable, and long-lasting fixtures.

Some housings have an integrated light source, while others will require a separate light source (LED retrofit module or lamp).

Get a Custom Quote for Downlights

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Incorporating recessed lighting into your new construction project can provide the perfect balance of functional room illumination as well as accent lighting. Largely considered a more attractive option over lay-in troffers, installing downlights allows you to easily illuminate a space to the light levels required, but without sacrificing aesthetics, whether you add lighting as the main light source in an office or waiting room or to illuminate hallways and corridors. Recessed can lights are also used to accent room features beautifully or to highlight architectural focal points.

For smaller openings in the ceiling, giving you a more focused “pinpoint” light, use a recessed fixture with an aperture of four inches or less. These lamps are available in varying color temperatures and produce enough lumens to light a room or serve as a spotlight on a specific feature. For more general illumination, go with a six inch aperture or larger. Install these fixture in ceiling grid or drywall ceilings. Hanger bars are included for fast, easy, and precise installation. In addition, take advantage of LEDs high rated lifespan — providing you with years of functionality and beautiful light.