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Trulux Receivers

The Trulux receivers are the shining stars of the Trulux solution, and what really differentiate it from the competition. If the controllers are the brains of the system, and the tape light itself is the star of the show, then these receivers are the muscle; the brawn that brings it all together. They do the heavy lifting and take what would otherwise be a disconnected set of parts and tie them together into a complete lighting solution.

Which Receiver Do You Need?

There are three primary types of receivers in the Trulux family. Which one is right for you depends on what you are looking to do with your installation of Trulux light, and how you need to control it.

  • RF: The basic receiver is the radio frequency (RF) receiver. It receives data over radio frequencies from an RF controller and translates it for the connected tape light. This serves most Trulux installations.
  • WiFi: The WiFi receiver is for use with the Trulux app, enabling you to control your Trulux system from your smartphone or tablet. It enables a private WiFi network that you log into in order to control the tape light. It also has all the RF functionality of the basic RF receiver.
  • DMX: The DMX series of receivers are for large scale installations where signal integrity over long distances is a must. These are wired receivers, not wireless, and must be wired to a DMX controller/universe. The standard DMX receiver decodes the incoming DMX signal into a form the Trulux tape light understands. The "Plus" version operates the same way, but also includes a separate "standalone" mode, where it can act as its own controller with built-in effects.

Simple Setup

The pairing of controllers and receivers is central to the operation of Trulux tape light. Watch the below video for a demonstration of how easy it is to synchronize these two components: