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Trulux Controllers

Controllers are the brains of the Trulux tape light system and what bring your vision to life. They are simple to set up and easy to use. And except for the DMX models, Trulux controllers are wireless and do not require any data cabling from the controller to the tape light. (Certain controllers do require low voltage power to run.)

Choose from the controller options below based on the type of Trulux tape light system you're assembling: dimming static white, temperature-adjusting tunable white, or color-mixing RGB or RGBW.

Simple Setup

The pairing of controllers and receivers is central to the operation of Trulux tape light. Watch the below video for a demonstration of how easy it is to sync these two components. The controller shown in the video is the American Lighting Trulux RF Touch Wall Dimmer - Multi Zone, but the concept is the same for all RF controllers:

Control in Your Pocket

In addition to the standard RF controllers, there is also a Trulux App that you can use to control your Trulux tape lights from your iOS or Android device. This can be used with either single color, tunable white, or RGB/W tape lights. The app operates over WiFi, so a WiFi Receiver is required. The Trulux App is available for download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Watch the below video for an overview of how it works: