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Track Lighting

Track lighting is a robust and versatile workhouse of the lighting industry. With a flexible nature that allows for adjustable fixture locations and precise light focusing capabilities, it is an ideal solution for display, task, and accent lighting.

Applications include:
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate offices
  • Museum and exhibit space
  • Residential

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Track lighting systems will typically use one of three common configurations. When installing a new track light system, be sure all your components are of the same system type to ensure compatibility. If you are choosing track head fixtures to fit into an existing track system, be sure to look for luminaires that are compatible with your track type.

The major track systems included:
  • H Track: Based on the Halo Power Track 3-Wire configuration
  • J Track: Based on the Juno Trac-Master 2-Wire configuration
  • L Track: Based on the Lightolier Lytespan 2-Wire configuration
Most track head fixtures and track accessories can be categorized into one of these three system types, even if they are made by different manufacturers.

In large public structures that house a large number of people, track lighting is an ideal way to illuminate expansive spaces. Find the appropriate track lighting for your needs at Take Three Lighting, whether you are looking to light spaces for commercial areas, corporate spaces, retail areas or hospitality areas. Track lighting has a high level of flexibility, making it appropriate for accent lighting, task lighting or to illuminate displays.

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Type of track lighting fixtures include:

LED Track Heads

LED track heads are light fixtures featuring integrated LED light sources for use with track lighting systems. Unlike traditional line voltage or low-voltage heads, the light source on an LED track head is fixed in place. If you’re looking for a robust and sustainable commercial track lighting solution, these are the ideal choice. Compared to traditional track heads — even those fitted with LED bulbs — integrated LED track light fixtures are designed from the ground up with LEDs in mind, from the housing to the driver to the thermal management and heat dissipation.

There are a wide variety of LED track head lighting options to suit your specific needs, including options with the high-ceiling, high-output requirements of traditional line voltage heads as well as the low-ceiling, high-impact accent lighting requirements of traditional low voltage heads. Line voltage LED fixtures often feature highly adjustable heads for targeted lighting in commercial spaces. LED track lights offer an efficient, flexible accent lighting option for retail, hospitality, corporate offices, museums and exhibit spaces and more.

Line Voltage Track Heads

Line voltage track heads are track system light fixtures designed for use with 120-volt replaceable lamps, usually traditional halogen or LED PAR-style lamps. They’re often used to create greater light output in higher ceiling applications compared with low-voltage track heads, so they’re appropriate for installation in retail, museums, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, public spaces, and stores with higher ceilings. Line voltage track lighting is highly versatile, so lighting designers can create a continuous look throughout the space with multiple different lamp types.

Line voltage track lighting comes in many unique options and styles to suit your specific interior décor and design theme and accent lighting needs. Larger spaces will benefit from dual-headed horizontal styles designed for PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps. Dual-headed track lights are an efficient option because they reduce per lamp-head fixture costs as well as installation costs. Some smaller line voltage options allow the fixture to keep a low profile, while still eliminating the need for an electric transformer, so they’re appropriate for installation in areas where space is limited, such as restaurants and bars.

Low Voltage Track Heads

With low voltage track heads, you can create a stylish, industrial look in your business or home. This type of commercial and residential lighting is incredibly versatile, so it makes a great addition to everything from homes and offices to restaurants, museums, bars and more. Low voltage track heads use very small form factor lamps, typically low voltage MR16 in either traditional halogen or newer LED. Because these low voltage fixtures use a small lamp, the fixtures themselves are quite small. With their adjustable heads and the focused-beam light output from the MR16 lamps, they are great for accent lighting applications, offering the chance to intimately illuminate specific areas. As a result, they are often used for artwork lighting, niche lighting, and other applications that require a punch of brighter illumination in a specific area.

Low voltage track heads come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. While the look of track lighting has an industrial feel, choosing between different fixtures allows business owners and homeowners alike to incorporate a retro or contemporary style based on their needs.

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