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Surface Mount, Flush Mount & Ceiling Lighting

Unlike recessed downlights which require more complex installation and cutting into a ceiling, surface mount ceiling fixtures (also called flush mounts) typically only require a junction box rough-in for installation. This not only makes installation super easy, but it means you can often wait until after the ceilings are up before worrying about selecting and installing a ceiling light. Whether you desire unobtrusive and functional or stylish and attention-getting, there are several different types of surface-mounted and ceiling-mounted lighting options from which to choose.

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In a residential home, ceiling lighting is most popularly used in kitchens, foyers, hallways, closets, and bathrooms, as well as in garages and basements.

In commercial settings, decorative flush mount ceiling lights can be used in waiting areas and conference rooms, while more utilitarian ceiling lights can provide inexpensive and easy to install general illumination in back-of-house or egress areas, such as corridors, bathrooms, utility closets, and maintenance shops. Wrap lights are utilitarian, high-output linear surface mount light fixtures designed for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Pick from multiple color temperatures and select your specs when it comes to lumens, wattage, dimmable options, and wet-operation-ready units.