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Indoor Step and Stair Lights

Indoor stair lights have a wide variety of benefits for both commercial and residential spaces. The primary reason to install indoor stair lighting in your facility is to increase safety on the stairs. Illuminating each step can help prevent slips and falls at night or in low-lit spaces, effectively reducing the risk of injury and protecting your company from liability. LED indoor stair lights cast a subtle, downward-facing light pool to illuminate each step. They can also be installed on landings and level changes or as marker lighting along hallways and corridors to make navigating darker spaces easier. Additionally, LED step lights can add style and highlight architectural features in your environment.

Step light fixtures can be installed along the wall adjacent to a stairway or within each riser to illuminate the steps. Linear tape lights can be installed under the lip of each tread to cast a dramatic glow on the step below.

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Unlike outdoor stair lighting, indoor step light fixtures are not IP rated to endure the same levels of moisture and dirt that would be seen outdoors. Indoor stairway lights do not need to have the same level of weather- and water-resistance as their outdoor counterparts, and for that reason, they tend to be more affordable overall. With that being said, some stair lights can be installed both indoors and out as long as they are installed with a watertight junction box and gasket. Additionally, indoor stairway lights tend to only have one installation option — hard-wiring — compared to options for solar power and battery power in outdoor applications.

With most styles, installation is fairly simple since the step light mounts directly to a single-gang standard depth junction box or uses an attached junction box so that you can easily install it onto a step without the need for a junction box or mounting. Although most are not made for outdoor placement, indoor stair lights are still made with rugged housings to endure for years in indoor applications. We recommend choosing LED stairway lights in both commercial and residential applications. These long-lasting lights run at low wattages, which can help you save on energy and maintenance costs over time. LED stair lights are available in various finishes and faceplate designs to complement your décor.