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Specialty & Decorative Lamps

Create the ambiance you’ve always envisioned with specialty shape and decorative lamps. Whether you want to highlight a feature, provide a warm glow, or add some distinction to your space, these styles of bulbs are designed to be used for decorative lighting purposes in a range of applications. You’ll be able to create exceptional subtle ambiance and accent lighting in any indoor or outdoor space using these specialty bulb shapes such as candelabra bulbs, globe bulbs, S-Series signage bulbs, and tube bulbs.

Add an industrial appeal to any area with an LED filament vintage lamp or make the light bulb a focal point with an in-style alternative to plain incandescent bulbs (while saving on energy costs, too). Low light output specialty and decorative lamps can help add definition to your unique environment. With options available for every budget, our top-manufacturer-made specialty lamps come with manufacturer-backed warranties to protect your purchase.

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Common types of specialty and/or decorative lamps include:


Candelabra lamps are small size bulbs that have a tapered profile. Also called "torpedo lamps", these bulbs traditionally were used to replace candles in elaborate chandeliers and candelabras...hence their name. Today they are used in all sorts of decorative lighting fixtures. They are available with a standard round point tip or a flared "flame-style" tip to mimic the flame of a candle.


Globe lamps have a uniform rounded, spherical shape and are available in many sizes & diameters. One of the most common uses for globe bulbs is to light up a bathroom vanity mirror. However, globe bulbs are also seen in modern pendant lights and contemporary wall sconces. They’re also used for their decorative value in string lighting. They provide quality illumination while adding their unique styling to the room’s décor.


S-series lamps have been used in signage and marquee lighting applications for decades. They can appear similar in size to the more common A-series lamps, but typically have straight sides in lieu of curved sides. Modern LED S-series lamps can replace older incandescent or cold cathode sign lamps, saving you money on your electric bill. They are great for theater marquees, business signs, billboards, carnivals and rides, food trucks, and outdoor event and entertainments applications, with a capability for rapid flashing. Thanks to their small size and wet location rating, they are also increasingly being used in outdoor patio string light installations.


Tube lamps are narrow, cylindrical bulbs that mimic the appearance of an old vacuum tube. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes, modern LED tube lamps are a great way to mix energy efficiency with a vintage design for your decorative lighting fixtures.

JC/Wedge Miniatures

Miniature lamps are often used in landscape lighting fixtures, accent lighting, decorative lighting fixtures, desk lamps, display lighting, retail lighting, and any small profile luminaire that requires a very small light source. These miniature bulbs will often have either a bi-pin or wedge base, allowing them to plug into the fixture. While traditionally these light sources were halogen lamps, today's LED versions are up to 90% more energy efficient. They are available in a variety of shapes and styles to fit your fixtures, and in both indoor and outdoor versions.