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Shop Lights and Work Lights

Adding LED shop and work lights to your space will keep it brightly lit up so you can get more done. These utility lights have a direct beam that is aimed straight at benches, tables, and other locations where task lighting is needed, providing an even glow over the entire work surface. Shop lights are surface-mounted or suspended from the ceiling using chains while work lights are designed to be free-standing fixtures that can be placed on any floor or table. Both options are excellent for use in workshops, garages, carpentry shops, service areas, warehouse packing areas, processing lines, and other commercial and industrial spaces that require consistent, clear illumination.

Many of our low-profile industrial shop lights are made with integrated LED fixtures. This all-in-one lighting construction typically has a longer rated lifespan than fixtures that use separate LED tubes. It also ensures that you’ll never run into the problem of your tubes and ballast not being compatible. We have Energy Star LED shop lights that are the most efficient available, compact shop light bars that take up minimal space and linkable shop lights that can be connected together for large areas using linking cords.

Multiple color temperatures are available that emit color output within a range shown to produce the most visual clarity and least eyestrain. Other optional features include wings and reflectors that help direct more light downwards and lenses that make them look more refined. LED shop lights are more efficient, last longer, and emit less heat than older fluorescent shop lights. Select a shop or work light and see how they can make your work area more productive.