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1/2" Rope Light Accessories

2-Wire 1/2" Y-Extension
Retail $10.00Our Price: $12.29
1/2" Clear End Cap (10 pk)
Our Price: $2.00
2-Wire 1/2" Inline Splice
Our Price: $4.00
These durable, top-quality LED rope light accessories are just what you need to successfully complete that lighting project in your home or business. Whether you’re installing LED rope lights around an outdoor pond or swimming pool, putting them up as accent lighting in a bar or restaurant, or decorating a hall for a wedding reception, these rope light accessories will help you get the job done quickly and properly.

When you purchase a spool of LED rope lights, they include valuable accessory packs. However, you may find that you need an additional wire connector, power cords, jumpers, inline splice kits, T-connectors, Y-connectors, connector pins, mounting tracks, or mounting pins. Rather than having to go elsewhere for these essential rope light accessories, you’ll find them right here. Create exactly the look you want in less time with these accessories that are specially designed to be used with half-inch rope lights.

You can use mounting clips for the strategic placement of rope lights around an architectural feature. Or keep them in a straight line by using mounting tracks. Illuminate railings around an outdoor deck or patio for evening entertaining. Use LED rope lighting around the perimeter of a night club, along a driveway, or to light up a parade float. Make outdoor stairs safer, or create a shimmering effect indoors and outdoors for holiday celebrations. Outline any shape you’d like with vibrant light. No rope light installation is impossible with these splices, connectors, extensions, and other rope light accessories. With these important accessories, you’ll no longer be in the dark when it comes to your LED rope light projects.

LED rope lights are far superior to traditional incandescent bulbs, since they use far less energy and last much longer, requiring little to no maintenance. They’re also cool to the touch, making them safer to use around children and pets.