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American Lighting RGB Hybrid 2

The RGB Hybrid 2 LED light allows you to create dazzling and dynamic color changing RGB effects. And best of all, it runs at 120 volts which greatly simplifies setup and installation. More common low voltage RGB linear tape lights require separate LED drivers and have limited maximum run lengths. But with the RGB Hybrid 2, you don't have to worry about any of that! Straight line voltage operation means no drivers are required. And with a maximum run length of 150 feet, you can create much larger lighting installations.

Like the single-color Hybrid 2 lights, the RGB Hybrid 2 linear lights feature parallel wiring construction, meaning that if one LED goes out, the rest continue to stay lit. This is an important consideration, especially for commercial projects, as it improves the longevity of the product and you won't have large gaps of dead areas in your lighting project.

Setup and Control

The RGB Hybrid 2 can be set up and controlled in a variety of different ways to best suit your needs and the needs of your project.

  • Standalone Control: This is the basic level of color and color-changing control. The RGB Hybrid 2 is connected to the Standalone Controller. All effects are controlled by the controller's preprogrammed functions.
  • DMX Control: This setup enables advanced control of the RGB lights and allows you to connect the RGB Hybrid 2 into a larger DMX universe. The RGB Hybrid 2 is connected to the Standalone Controller. Then a third-party DMX master controller is connected to the Standalone Controller via an XLR3 adapter cable. All effects are controlled by the DMX master controller.
  • RF Control: This setup allows you to use the Trulux RF wireless controllers, which can be beneficial if you want or need to locate the controller in a separate location from the RGB lights. The RGB Hybrid 2 is connected to the Standalone Controller. Then the RF Receiver is connected to the DMX input on the Standalone Controller. The Trulux RF RGB controllers (wall mounted and handheld remotes available) are then synchronized with the receiver, allowing wireless control of the RGB Hybrid 2 lights.

Reliability With Kits

The RGB Hybrid 2 is available in kit form only. You can select the lengths of kits you need and easily link them together in order to create custom lengths for your project. Plus, as a kit product, all connection points utilize a very durable threaded and gasketed screw connection style. Typical RGB installations have traditionally been very tricky to get right with all the wiring required. Often times connections will come loose, pins will fall out or be misaligned...and the end result is black-outs or gaps in the lighting installation. Not so with the RGB Hybrid 2 kits. The secure and solid connections made by the screw connectors keep everything right where it needs to be. Durable and reliable. Keep your RGB lighting project shining bright!

With the simple plug and play setup of the RGB Hybrid 2 kits, installation is a breeze!