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Puck Lights

With these low-profile, sophisticated LED puck lights, you can create subtle yet elegant light in many locations of a private residence, retail establishment, or public space. LED puck lighting is an economical, energy efficient solution for use inside display cases and cabinets, as under-cabinet task lighting, retail display shelves, in art niches, and back bar areas. It’s also ideal for entertainment areas, closets, built-in shelves, wine closets, and anywhere else where you’d like discreet yet powerful and effective lighting.

Puck lights are a versatile lighting option for many applications, capable of surface mounting or recessed mounted installations. They’re available in a variety of finishes, color temperatures, and brightness levels to perfectly suit your needs. The LED that is in today’s puck lights is far superior to the traditional xenon or halogen puck lights of old. These new LED fixtures produce very little heat, so they stay cool to the touch. The long-life LEDs can last up to 30,000 hours or more, greatly reducing maintenance and replacement costs. They are also vastly more efficient than their xenon or halogen predecessors, delivering a high light output while consuming far less wattage, saving you money on utility costs.

One popular use for puck lights is as under-cabinet lighting to illuminate kitchen counters. They’re easy to install, and the warm light adds style to the room for a low cost. In addition, puck lights provide excellent task lighting. The direct light reduces shadows so that you can see food preparation tasks more clearly. It also saves energy to use light in only the exact location where you need it.