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Multi-Light Pendants

If you’re planning on hanging several pendant lights, then a multi-light fixture may be the optimal solution for your style and brightness needs. These types of fixtures are excellent for if you can’t decide on exactly the right layout or if you just want to simplify the installation process. Multiple pendant lights are attached to a single canopy in an assortment of styles and designs, resulting in fascinating focused task lighting for home, office, or public spaces. Using multi-light LED pendant lights can also save you money and time compared to ordering and setting up the same number of single-light pendants.

Get a Custom Quote for Pendant Lights

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We offer multi-light pendant fixtures from ET2, Maxim, Kuzco, Access and other top light manufacturers can be utilized for kitchen pendant lighting, dining room lighting, retail display lighting, entry hall lighting, and many other high-ceiling applications. Styles range from basic two-light and three-light pendants all the way up to large 24-light pendant assemblies. In addition to classic glass pendant lighting, you can select elegant fabric drum lighting, modern polished chrome tapered pendants, and open-lamp tear-drop lights. While most multi-light pendants have a linear design where all the figures hang at the same height, you can get fixtures with tiered designs that add an attractive visual element. Others have adjustable hangers so you can form them to the height that you like the most.

Our durable LED pendant lights either come with or are made for these contemporary bulbs that cost less to operate and emit less heat than another other option. These lamps are typically rated for 40,000 hours or more of operation with warm white light. Adding antique-style LED filament bulbs to our industrial and traditional fixtures that feature an exposed-bulb design will give them a vintage touch without the vintage high energy usage.