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Outdoor Post Top, Acorn, and Pole Mount Fixtures

When one thinks of outdoor post top lights, the first image that comes to mind is the classic black finished lantern style that is frequently seen in the front yard of a home, illuminating a driveway or walkway. However, there are many uses for commercial post top lighting. Post tops can be used to highlight architectural features or landscaping features of a public building or commercial property such as a town hall, hotel, restaurant, or country club. It can also be used to light up gardens, benches, or koi ponds. As a safety and security measure, post lights can be placed along walkways as well as commercial barricades. They’re also occasionally seen atop balusters on porches and outdoor decks. Larger commercial post lights, often called acorn lights, are used to line public walkways, civic plazas, corporate campuses, and roads and sidewalks.

When LED light sources are used in post lighting fixtures, you’ll see energy efficiency and cost savings in addition to style, security and safety. LED bulbs use far less energy to produce the same amount of high-quality light as an incandescent, HID, or fluorescent bulb. In addition, they an extremely long lifespan, as much as 50,000 hours in some cases. This means you rarely have to buy replacement bulbs and pay maintenance crews to install them, which adds up to big savings.

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