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Orange LED Neon Flex

Orange LED flex lighting is a great way to add visual interest and energy anywhere that could use a buzz. By using powerful LED neon lights that can be twisted and wrapped in almost any way you please, your home or business can create custom lighting with far more imaginative possibilities than ordinary neon linear lights. LED lighting is more powerful while also being more efficient, meaning your direct view lights will last tens of thousands of hours while costing much less to operate and maintain. And full spools of neon flex lighting are ETL certified for wet locations, so you can use them outdoors.

The color orange is known to stimulate people and draw attention while creating feelings of fun and happiness. Use orange flex lighting in restaurants to encourage hunger and excitement, in night clubs to help get visitors hyped up, at trade show booths to encourage interest in products, or on landscapes and walkways to make them feel more tropical. Itís also perfect for Halloween parties and autumn festivals. We have standard voltage neon LED lighting for residential and commercial buildings along with low-voltage lighting thatís safer for outdoor use. If you are using compatible controls and electrical supplies, many LED neon lights can be dimmed to give you additional design options.

Our LED neon rope lighting is designed in parallel, which is especially useful for commercial displays as it will remain running if an LED burns out. The plastic housing has a PVC lens with a UV inhibitor, so your flex lights will stand up to just about anything. If you donít need a full spool of LED flex lighting, order custom-cut lengths and get just the right amount. These orange lights with amber jackets often come with power cords and mounting clips. You can also purchase these items separately in our LED neon flex accessories section. Contact us if you are looking for additional orange LED lighting options or would like a quote on volume orders.