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Nora New Construction Frame-In Kit for 1" Iolite Remodel Housing

Item # GL-4328NHIOFK1
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Item Description

This new construction frame-in kit allows you to use the versatile Nora 1" Iolite IC Air-Tight Line Voltage Remodel Housing in a new construction application. This is convenient if you have a project where some of your recessed downlights will be installing into existing ceilings and some of your lights will be installed in new construction with open access to the ceiling and framing members. With this frame-in kit, you can use the same 1-inch remodel housing in all locations; simplifying your bill of materials and purchasing.

Two adjustable and repositionable bar hangers are included.

Requires Nora 1" Iolite remodel housing.



Mounting Installs in plaster, drywall, or acoustical tile ceilings
Aperture 1" (nominal), 2-3/8" ceiling cutout
Manufacturer Nora Lighting
Manufacturer Model Number NHIOFK-1