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MR16 LED Lamps

Use high quality 2-pin MR16 LED lamps whenever you need lighting for your home or business that is bright and focused. Multifaceted reflector (MR) bulbs were originally created for slide projectors but have been adopted for many uses in retail, office, event, and landscape lighting. The facets and reflective coating inside an MR16 bulb produce a directional beam of light that is highly concentrated. This makes them ideal for highlighting special displays or specific areas that you want to call attention to. Their small size means they can be placed in more locations to give you control over what you are illuminating.

MR16 lamps commonly operate off low voltage and have a GU5.3 bi-pin base connection. Line voltage options with GU10 bases are also a great option for certain light fixtures. And while MR16 is the most popular size of multifaceted reflector fixture by far, other sizes are also available such as the smaller MR11.

Dimmable LED MR16 bulbs come in a number of beam angles, wattages, color temperatures and finishes. MR16 flood lamps, along with narrow flood lamps and wide flood lamps, have a larger beam angle that is excellent for ambient lighting such as retail displays and signs. For task lighting and accent lighting, MR16 spot lamps and narrow spot lamps will provide a light more suited for specific objects and small areas. These LED multifaceted reflector bulbs use more than 85 percent less energy than traditional MR halogen lamps, with a 6.5-watt LED bulb providing illumination equivalent to a 50-watt halogen while generating substantially less heat.

MR16 replacement lamps are a great choice when you need low- or medium-intensity light for track lighting, desk lamps, small aperture recessed ceiling lighting, display lighting, and many other uses large or small. They work well in residential homes as well for living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Color temperatures range from warm white that has a cozy feel to crisp bright white that resembles natural daylight. Contact our experts for assistance selecting the right bulbs for your project.

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