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Linear Fluorescent Lamps

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The workhorses of the lighting world, linear fluorescent lamps are used in a wide range of fixtures across industrial, business, retail, and residential markets. Common applications include troffers and industrial high bays for general lighting purposes, as well as linear coves and wall slots for accent lighting, not to mention workshop lights, task lights, and much more.

Fluorescent T8 and T5 bulbs vary in color temperature from 3000K to 6500K and come in a number of wattages. You may purchase linear fluorescent lamps by the case, in single-pin, bi-pin, medium bi-pin, linear tubes, U-Bend tubes and other configurations to meet your unique needs. Linear fluorescent lamps feature varying rated lifespans so that you can maximize efficiency based on your application. Get the most out of your T5 or T8 bulb fixture when you order a case of linear fluorescent lamps for multi-fixture applications like industrial spaces or businesses that require regular bulb replacements.

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