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LED Rope Lights by Size

Shop by LED size for your LED rope lighting and decorating needs. You’ll find high-quality LED rope lights in different LED light sizes like .5 inches and .375 inches (1/2 and 3/8 inches). We also have bulk LED lights in 150-foot spools, which are available in several different colors in addition to the classic, cool white and warm white. Do you need a specific length? You can find custom cut LED rope lights that are sold by the foot for special applications for indoor and outdoor usage. These custom rope lights come pre-assembled with a power cord and plug, power connector and end cap for your convenience.

Whether you choose bulk spools, LED lights that are pre-cut to your specifications, or both for a larger lighting installation, you’ll get energy efficient lighting that will save you money. LED lighting far outlasts incandescent bulbs, so they require little to no maintenance. This is a big advantage when using lighting in malls, retail stores, nightclubs, hotels, or restaurants. Put it up, and you’re set for a long time.

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