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Polar 2 Mini LED Neon Flex

Besides offering the practical benefits of energy efficiency and long life, Polar 2 Mini LED Neon Flex Lights are easy to work with and just plain fun to look at. You can use them in practically limitless ways for residential or commercial lighting and decoration. Boasting a smaller profile than their standard Polar 2 Neon cousins, these little lights are much more flexible and easy to bend. That makes them especially apt for situations where you need to do lots of bending, want to run your lights around curves, or are going all out for more complex and creative neon designs. With these innovative little LED lights, your creativity is limited only by your imagination.

Polar 2 Mini Neon Flex Features

  • Provides a continuous line of vibrant LED light
  • Small form factor to allow for more flexibility in shaping and bending
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • 150-foot spools
  • Listed for wet locations; can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Tight 1/3” LED spacing and opaque jacket for uniform appearance
  • 3528 SMD LEDs for up to 63 lumens of light per foot
  • Compatible with most CFL/LED, low voltage electronic (ELV), and low voltage magnetic dimmers
  • 120V 150-foot reels are cETLus listed unless cut
  • Bulk 150 foot reels include attached power connection and end cap on dead end, plus 4 additional power cord kits and 50 mounting clips
Our Polar 2 Minis provide a continuous line of vibrant LED light and come in a rainbow of colors too, adding even more creativity to your design palette. Go with a basic white for crisp, clear interior lighting under bathroom or kitchen cabinets, as cove lights, under stairways or anywhere else you need a little bit of helpful but unobtrusive lighting. Choose zestier colors for holiday decorating, to perk up your home décor, or to liven up a bar or restaurant.

Listed for wet locations, these neon lights can be set up outdoors as well as inside. Use them to outline walkways, decks, building entrances, or pools. They are also great for highlighting trees, shrubs, and other landscape features, or for showing off the exterior of your home or business.

Operating on 120 volts, the parallel wiring of these LED lights means that if one goes out, the rest stay on. Sold in 150-foot spools, these LED lights come complete with five 120V power cord kits, including one that’s pre-attached. Note that these lights are not compatible with standard Polar 2 accessories. Instead, use them with our Polar 2 Mini Flex accessories. These lights are compatible with most CFL/LED, low-voltage electronic, and low-voltage magnetic dimmers.