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Accessories for Solid Color LED Polar 2 Mini Neon Flex

These neon accessories are specifically designed to work with the smaller profile and narrow pin spacing of the Polar 2 Mini Neon Flex flexible linear LED neon light. Power up your complex neon designs with the inclusive power cord kit, which includes shrink tubing and an end cap. Connect multiple runs, or even multiple colors of neon, together using jumper cables or splice kits. And you don't want your complex design falling apart; hold those carefully laid bends and curves in place with mounting clips or track.

Flexible linear LED neon lights make smart replacements for traditional glass neon lights. LED linear neon lights give you all the advantages that light-emitting diode technology delivers elsewhere. Compared to glass neon lights, linear LED lights boast high energy efficiency, helping save on utility bills while also going easier on the environment. In addition, linear LED lights boast an extraordinarily long life. That not only saves you the cost of buying frequent replacements, it cuts down on maintenance expenses as well.

Besides these practical benefits, linear LED neon lights offer aesthetic advantages. They provide dazzling color, eye-catching beauty and let you exercise extraordinary creativity. With a few carefully chosen accessories, you can get even more out of your linear LED neon lights.

The Polar 2 Mini Neon Flex flexible linear LED neon light has a smaller profile and narrower pin spacing than many other linear LED neon lights. That means it is not compatible with accessories used for its bigger cousin, the Polar 2 Neon Flex linear LED neon light. No worries, though. If you are looking to get even more out of these mini linear LED neon lights, we carry accessories that have been specifically made for them.

We offer accessories such as jumper cables and splice kits that let you connect multiple runs or even multiple colors of neon together to create an unforgettable effect. Our inclusive power cord kit is perfect for powering up the most complex neon designs and comes complete with shrink tubing and an end cap. We also have mounting clips and track to hold your carefully laid bends and curves in place safely and securely as well as channels for a clean, professional-looking installation.