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H.E. Williams

Efficient, effective, and the ultimate in performance. That’s H.E. Williams lighting.

For more than 70 years, H.E. Williams’ commercial and industrial lighting fixtures have taken advantage of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and precision fabrication to provide specification-grade lighting fixtures ideal for illuminating all types of commercial, industrial, healthcare, and retail spaces. Based in Carthage, Mo this company traces its roots to 1921, when an engineer and entrepreneur named Harold E. Williams founded it as a maker of kitchen utensils and other products. Inspired by the fluorescent lighting he saw at the 1939 World’s Fair, Williams shifted the company’s focus to commercial lighting fixtures. Now in its third generation of family ownership, H. E. Williams continues its dedication to its “Visible Difference” policy of making superior lighting products.

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With thousands of SKUs across numerous product lines, let us customize the right Williams fixtures for your project needs.

Great design, style, and energy-efficient LED lighting come together in H.E. Williams’s collection of US-made products, which means you’ll be able to find the perfect fixtures for your needs. In this comprehensive collection, you will find architectural fixtures to illuminate outdoor areas and entrances. You will also discover attractive, innovative products to create the ideal indoor working environment in a warehouse or factory, and to provide you with the highest quality light available for your interior commercial space.

Whether you are looking for lighting for an office, lab, school, hospital, warehouse, or storefront, let us help you solve your project's lighting challenges with a full package lighting solution from H.E. Williams. Custom-made luminaires are fabricated to your specifications for your job. With an extensive offering of recessed lights, architectural lay-ins, linear strips, wraps, high bays, cylinders, area/site lights, floods, wall packs, and much more, we are completely committed to your satisfaction. We've got you covered.

Need fixtures in a hurry? Some common H.E. Williams fixture configurations are available with shortened lead times via their QuickShip program. Contact us to learn more and get a custom quote.

Whether you are looking for a great 2x2 LED troffer price or a great buy on some other innovative lighting product, you will find the perfect combination of quality and price here. H.E. Williams' expansive product categories and popular product lines include:

  • Cove: CX-series continuous cove, 75-series narrow strip, LPC low-profile wall mount cove, SMC small wall mount cove
  • Cylinders: HC7 & MC7 high/medium output 7.5" LED cylinders, LC7 7.5" LED cylinders, LC6-series 6" LED cylinders
  • Downlights: 2D/2R-series 2" round/square downlights, 4AR/4DR/4DS/4PR/4PS-series 4.5" round/square downlights, 6AR/6DR/6DS/6PR/6PS-series 6" round/square downlights, 8DR-series 8" high output downlights, M4/M6-series MRI-suitable round/square shallow plenum downlights
  • Emergency: EMER emergency lights, EMER/DECO decorative emergency light, EXIT-series internally lit exit signs, EXIT/EL edge-lit exit signs
  • High Bays: GA-series narrow aisle lighter, GC-series classic round LED high bay, GL low-profile high bay, GLN-series narrow industrial, GP-series performance LED high bay
  • Industrial: 76-series standard strip, 80 & 82 series standard/premium industrial, 96-series enclosed & gasketed industrial, EGL-series enclosed industrial, GLS sloped industrial
  • Recessed: 50-series static troffer, AHT-series architectural high output, AMD architectural multi-functional medial troffer, AT-series architectural LED troffer, DI-series direct/indirect troffer, HET-series high efficiency troffer, HETW architectural lensed wall wash perimeter light, LP edge-lit flat panel light, LPT-series low profile troffer, LT-series LED troffer, LX4-series continuous recessed, MCT-series medical clean room troffer, MDB multi-function medical bed light, MDS-series medical surgical troffer, PT-series shallow plenum LED troffer, VCL recessed video conference light
  • Retrofit: PTR shallow LED troffer retrofit kit, SRK-series LED strip retrofit kits
  • Strips: 75-series round/square/flat lensed strip, 76-series standard strip
  • Surface: 1SF under cabinet task light, 39-series surface mount wrap, ASM architectural surface mount, ATS-series architectural surface mount troffers, AVX-series architectural vandal wrap, LLMS architectural slimline surface mount, LX4-series continuous surface mount, RNDS-series round architectural, SLF-series surface/wall mount light
  • Suspended: AX2-series 2" architectural, AXA architectural contoured louver pendant, LLM-series architectural slimline, LX4-series 4" continuous, SDI5-series direct/indirect
  • Wall: AX2-series 2" architectural wall mount, CB cornice bed light, LC6 6" cylinders, LC7 7.5" down and up/down cylinders, LX4-series 4" continuous wall mount, SLF-series surface/wall mount light, WMA-series architectural
  • Wraps: 17-series narrow low profile, 18-series low profile, 39-series surface or pendant mount wrap, AVX-series architectural vandal wrap

  • Area/Site: VA-series Voltaire architectural area light
  • Bollards: OSA6 6" round/square aluminum bollard, OSA8 8" round/square aluminum bollard, OSC-series concrete bollard, VCB-series Voltaire architectural concrete bollard
  • Floods: VF-series Voltaire architectural LED flood
  • Garage: VG1-series Voltaire architectural surface/garage light
  • Step: S-series rectangular step light, SR-series round step light
  • Wall Pack: VW-series Voltaire architectural wall pack, VWM-series Voltaire mini architectural wall pack, WP-series LED wall pack
  • and much more...

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