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Aluminum Extrusions

Extruded aluminum housings are a great way to enhance your tape light installation. Available in surface mount, recessed mount, and drywall mount styles, they provide a sleek and stylish look for your tape light. With diffusing lenses, they can blur the light output of the LEDs, giving you a soothing, continuous line of light instead of a harsh pixelated, dotted effect. Aluminum extrusions also increase the lifespan of your Trulux tape light by protecting it from dust and expelling excess heat through the aluminum housing, which acts as a heat sink.

Easy Custom Fixtures

Through the use of these aluminum extrusions and Trulux LED tape light, you are, in effect, creating your own customized LED lighting fixture. The extrusions act as the fixture housing and heat sink, while the tape light is the LED light source.

And just as you can cut your LED tape light down to size to fit your project, so too can you saw down the aluminum extrusions to size to fit around your tape light as needed. So whether it's a surface mounted light inside a display case, a recessed light in your bathroom tile floor, or a series of recessed lights in the drywall along a corridor, you have the ability to customize your lights and create a complete fixture that is unique to your project.

NOTE: If installing an IP68-rated Trulux tape light in an extrusion, it is recommended to NOT use a lens.