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Cylinder lights are a sleek a timeless way to add powerful punches of light to your space. These flexible fixtures can act as downlights by mounting directly to the ceiling, act as pendant lights by being suspended with cables or rods, or acts as wall sconces. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of commercial applications including retail, restaurants, bars, theaters, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, and much more.

Many different options, sizes, and finishes are available. Contact us today to get exactly the right cylinder lights you need for your project.

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Contact us today and let us assemble a custom quote for your project's suspended, surface, or wall-mount cylinder lighting needs.

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Cylinder LED lights are a creative and aesthetically pleasing way to light up your space. They are used in a number of different commercial and municipal lighting applications such as restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and hospitals. Some homeowners add them to living rooms, foyers, decks, and balconies as well to accent them with both striking style and bursts of quality light. These fixtures have a classic shape that nonetheless produces a sleek modern feel that will complement other contemporary décor. They are a versatile fixture as well, as LED cylinder lights can be mounted in several ways based on location, available space and your desired lighting effect. Mount them directly to the ceiling to act as downlights, suspend them with cables or rods to act as pendant lights, or mount to a wall surface to act as wall sconces.

We have different variations of integrated cylinder lights that will fit many situations. Cylinder and mini cylinder LED pendants are suitable for retail displays, café tables and other locations where you want to use downlighting to accent features. Some models have traditional stem mounding while others are mounted using aircraft cable that is more secure and has a larger silhouette. Surface mount LED cylinders attach directly for use in lower-ceiling areas. Wall sconce cylinders can be installed in corridors and lobbies where you want downlight and/or uplighting that projects a more sophisticated aura. Outdoor-rated wall cylinder lights are popular as well for entryways. These lights have a rectangle back plate that provides a fun geometric contrast with the cylindrical body.

Each of these cylinder light styles is available in multiple sizes, finishes and color temperatures. We have dimmable LED cylinder lights that can be set to a custom brightness and reflector cone cylinder lights where you can choose your beam angle to match the light application. These 120-volt cylinder light fixtures provide high-lumen ambient, task or accent lighting for up to 50,000 hours, and attach directly to a junction box during installation. Contact us to customize your ideal LED cylinder light that will save you money on operating costs with timeless style.

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