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Rope Light Custom Cuts and Kits

We understand that in many instances a bulk reel of rope light is just not practical. Sometimes you don't need that much rope light for your project. While other times you do need a lot of rope light, but don't want to risk losing the UL/ETL safety rating by cutting a bulk spook yourself. In both cases, ordering smaller increment lengths are just what you need.

Custom Cut

Custom cut rope lights are custom measured and cut based on your length specifications, to the nearest cutting increment of the rope light. Custom cut rope lights are UL-listed and include a UL power cord, power connector, and an end cap. No other accessories are included. All custom cut rope light sales are final.


Rope light kits come in premanufactured UL-listed lengths and include gasketed screw connections at either end. These screw connections make them very easy to work with. You can easily attach power cords, jumper cables, or other rope light kits to create semi-custom lengths. Each kit includes a removable power cord, removable end cap, and mounting clips. Due to their unique gasketed screw connection, rope light kits are not compatible with some 2-wire rope light accessories.