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Commercial Grade LED String Lights

These commercial LED string lights provide the perfect solution for large-scale holiday projects such as Christmas light shows, civic plazas, architectural accent lighting, and other commercial applications. They are also a good choice for placement in restaurants, hotels, bars, country clubs, and other hospitality or retail facilities. With a long-lasting coaxial connection system, thick copper wiring, and a three-season warranty, these commercial grade string lights are built to withstand demanding outdoor environments.

Benefits of Commercial Grade LED String Lights:
  • Coaxial connection system for superior strain relief and weather protection at connection point
  • Thicker 20AWG copper wiring
  • 3-season warranty
  • Power thousands of LEDs off a single power source

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LED Christmas lights are superior to standard Christmas string lights because they’re extremely durable and rated from 25,000 to 50,000 service hours, whereas incandescent string lights burn out at much higher intervals. The LED lighting on each set of commercial-grade LED string lights is also much more energy efficient, using less energy than traditional bulbs. While this might not be a substantial savings for a few strings in a living room, the savings can be considerable in a large commercial holiday display.

Besides the durable construction and high-performance LEDs, one of the best features of these commercial outdoor LED string lights is the coaxial connection system.

Most strings lights simply use stacking plugs to attach sets together. While this works just fine on a small, residential scale, when you get into larger projects where you might have thousands of lights strung together, the forces pulling down on those plugs become an issue. Whether it's the weight of the lights themselves or other forces of nature (wind, snow loads, etc.), a tremendous amount of strain can be put on the connection points. And the last thing you want is to have the lights pull apart and have to climb up to fix them.

The coaxial screw connection system employed by these commercial LED outdoor string lights alleviates that issue by providing a solid, threaded, weather-tight connection, making it nearly impossible to pull two light sets apart. This level of reliability is a MUST when it comes to large scale lighting. Commercial string lighting is also a better choice for large-scale exterior displays because it provides you with the ability to power thousands of LEDs off a single power source, effectively simplifying even the most intricate lighting displays.

In addition, the utilization of the coaxial connection system makes it simple to effortlessly insert various accessories such as splitters and jumpers into your lighting layout, allowing you to create the holiday design or light show of your dreams.

Use commercial-grade LED string lights to decorate an outdoor restaurant patio for evening dining. Light up rows of trees in a large city park for the holidays. Illuminate a festive evening community block party or a popular city street full of shops. There are many uses for these highly reliable string lights — from attracting attention to a retail business’s storefront to large evening wedding receptions and corporate parties. These commercial string lights are especially recommended in locations with harsh weather and windy conditions, as they are far more robust than the typically Christmas string lights that are sold in retail stores for home use.

Commercial outdoor LED string lighting comes in various shapes and sizes, including classic miniature C6 bulbs that are great for stringing up on trees, fences, architectural features, lampposts, and more. You may prefer globular G12 commercial string lights, LED wide-angle string lights, or M5 mini lights for similar applications, depending on your aesthetic preferences. All of these lights are ideal for large commercial holiday displays. Choose pure white or warm white styles for year-round use.