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BR & R LED Bulbs

Bulged Reflector (BR) and Reflector (R) LED lamps are commonly used in recessed downlights, providing a uniform glow. They come in a wide range of sizes (such as R20, BR30, and BR40) and styles to suit your application.

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For high-quality illumination and a uniform glow, replace your outdated incandescent and halogen recessed lights with these energy efficient R and BR LED bulbs. They’re ideal as indoor spotlights, or as outdoor LED floodlights, and they have a lifespan of 40,000 hours or more, compared to 2,000 hours or less for halogen bulbs and just 1,000 to 2,000 for incandescent. When you switch to LED bulbs, you likely won’t have to replace them for several years! They also use far less energy. An LED lamp that’s equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb consumes only 9 to 12 watts while giving off the same amount of light.

BR (bulged reflector) bulbs have wide beam angles, so they can put out more than a 45-degree angle of light. They produce a directional, soft-edged light. These types of bulbs are perfect for track lights, display lights, and recessed lighting fixtures. R (reflector) lamps are also great for directional light applications, such as spotlights, LED floodlights, or recessed downlights.

BR and R LED retrofit bulbs have a medium E26 base, which is the standard size so it will fit into your existing light fixture. This is an extremely cost-effective way to save money on your energy costs and replacement costs, since LED bulbs require virtually zero maintenance. With retrofit LED bulbs, updating to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting is extremely easy.