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Blue LED Neon Flex

Blue lighting is one of the most popular forms of LED light, and you can get this versatile color in our neon flex lighting. This light color is commonly used for displays and events at night as it improves visibility without washing out red lines like other colored LEDs. Blue neon LED lights are also very useful for displays involving smoke and fog, as they can cut through these visual obstacles better than any other color. Many businesses such as bars, clubs, and theaters that primarily operate at night use blue neon flex lights either inside or on outdoor signs to create an intriguing atmosphere. They are also used for ambiance displays in hotel rooms and lobbies.

Every spool of blue LED neon lighting in our selection is made to offer the best quality light and flexibility. The tightly spaced SMD LEDs are covered by a thick opaque rubber jacket and PVC lens that protects the light from damage as you bend and twist it to your specifications. You can run your LED neon strip light up to 150 feet using the appropriate power cords and mounting clips with a full ETL rating for wet locations. If this is too cumbersome for your purposes, users can cut their flex lights in short intervals to fit them in smaller signs or tight corners.

Our compact but powerful blue LED lighting comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a rated life of 30,000 hours. This lifespan means that high-efficiency LED neon lights can cost less than a third as much to operate as regular neon lights, saving your business money. The parallel wire construction also reduces maintenance costs since you don’t have to swap out an entire strip because of one faulty LED. Our low prices and industry-leading service will get you the best value on rope-style neon lights for commercial displays. We’ll even custom-cut your LED flex lighting so it arrives ready to use.