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Amber/Yellow LED Neon Flex

Set a warm, intimate mood inside or outside by using our selection of high-quality amber/yellow neon flex LED lighting. These combine traditional neon-style lighting with modern LED accent rope lighting to give users the best qualities of each. The PVC lens and rubber housing are flexible but durable, with the PVC mixture improving both the lumen output and optical uniformity. With the LEDs spaced just 1/3-inch apart in parallel wiring, your room or display will have a continuous stream of light that continues to shine brightly even if a bulb burns out. But with a rated lifespan of 30,000 hours, you won’t have to worry about losing an LED anytime soon.

We carry 120-volt neon flex lighting and low-voltage LED lights for interior or exterior use. These lights have amber LEDs with a yellow outer jacket, resulting in a uniform ambiance similar to the inviting aura of very warm white light. This makes it a great choice for making a restaurant, private party, retail store, or hotel lounge feel cozier. Flex lighting can also be used to decorate holiday or event displays – especially ones that require a lot of bending for odd room shapes or to accent certain objects. Many LED neon light packages include power cord kits and an array of mounting clips for setup.

Our amber neon flex lighting comes in spools of up to 150 feet, so you will have plenty for your next project. Each light strip can be cut in pre-determined lengths and have a power cord mounted on the end for the ideal lighting layout. If you know what length you need, but are uncomfortable cutting the lights yourself, we’ll do it for you with our custom-cut ordering options! LED flex lights are dimmable with most standard and low-voltage systems. In addition to being wet-location rated in their uncut form, these lights have a UV inhibitor to protect them from sunlight for outdoor use. Order them whenever you need a bright accent or decorative light that costs less to operate while emitting amazing light.