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American Lighting Trulux Tape Light System

The Trulux LED tape light system by American Lighting is a total accent lighting solution. In addition to specification-grade strip light, the Trulux family of products includes innovate control components that revolutionize how you install strip light.

There can be many components in a Trulux tape light installation. Please contact us if you need layout assistance.

Additional Resources

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Brains & Brawn

The key core value of the Trulux light system is control. Without proper control, the greatest tape light in the world doesn't mean much. But with excellent control, through ease of use and ease of installation, you can accomplish amazing and breathtaking things.

The heart of a Trulux LED tape light system are the Trulux controllers and Trulux receivers.

  • Controllers are where you interact with the strip light and tell it what you want it to do. Whether it be dimming, color tuning, changing colors, or assigning and saving different configurations to different scenes or zones, the Trulux controllers allow you to fully harness the power of the Trulux tape light.
  • Receivers are what accept and interpret the commands coming from the controllers and translate them into actual electrical signals that make the Trulux light perform as needed.
BUT HERE'S THE GREAT PART: The controllers and receivers can communicate WIRELESSLY!

That means you can locate your strip light where you need it, and you do not need to worry about running signal wiring from the controller to the receiver. This greatly simplifies installation and setup. You can use dedicated controllers that communicate via radio frequency (RF) with the receivers, or you can use your smartphone (iOS or Android) to control the lights over WiFi. Wired DMX options are also available for larger installations.

Tape Light

Excellent controls demand excellent light that performs. And here the Trulux tape lights truly shine! A variety of styles and light levels are available:

  • Standard White: Up to 155 lumens per foot, 4 color temperatures, 94+ CRI
  • High Output White: Up to 310 lumens per foot, 4 color temperatures, 94+ CRI
  • Spec Grade White: Up to 570 lumens per foot, 4 color temperatures, 94+ CRI
  • Tunable White: Up to 280 lumens per foot, user-adjustable color temperature range from 27000K-6000K, 94+ CRI
  • RGB: Multi-color light for dynamic effects
  • RGBW: Multi-color light with added white LED for dynamic, full-spectrum effects

In addition to the color of light, there are also different configurations of Trulux strip lights that are designed for use in different applications.

  • Indoor: IP54 rated tape lights designed for indoor use in dry/damp environments
  • Outdoor: IP65 rated tape lights designed for outdoor use in web environments
  • Submersible: IP68 rated tape lights designed for underwater or extremely moist applications

With a color, brightness, and style for every need, you can't go wrong with the complete lighting solution provided by the Trulux family of LED strip lights.