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DMX Linking Cable - 15ft

Item # AL-3211EC15
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Item Description

Use this 15 foot long DMX cable to link together multiple Standalone Controllers powering RGB Hybrid 2 lights. When used in a DMX universe, you can have the master DMX controller operating multiple runs of RGB Hybrid 2 lights. Each run can have up to 150 feet of RGB light attached to it.

If the linked controllers are set to the same channel, then linking them together is a simple way to spread the common control signal across all your lights, allowing you to effectively control more than 150 feet of synchronized RGB Hybrid 2 lights at once.

If the linked controllers are set to different channels, then the master DMX controller can operate each connected run of RGB Hybrid 2 light independently.

The linking cables are 15 feet long each and can be interconnected to make longer lengths.

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ManufacturerAmerican Lighting
Manufacturer Model NumberRGB-H2-CTRL-EC15