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American Lighting DMX 3-Channel Controller

Item # AL-9811DMX3
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Item Description

This simple 3-channel DMX controller allows you to easily perform color-changing and on-demand color effects for RGB fixtures. Featuring a variety of functions and modes, this DMX controller is suitable for a variety of architectural lighting applications where you want to precisely control the speed and display of color-changing or chasing effects or you need to precisely mix RGB colors to create fixed solid colors as needed.

With the push of a button, you can instantly set your RGB lights to shine red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, magenta, or white. If you need to go further, you can use the sliders to manually fine tune the red, green, and blue values of the light to create a precise RGB color, great for corporate branding!

The DMX controller includes a number of built-in color-changing/chasing effects. Not only can you select which effect (and which colors) are used in the pattern, but you can also easily adjust the speed at which the effect fades between colors. Create a punchy, dynamic light show with fast changing colors, or slow things down to create a soothing and calming color flow.

And at any time you can use the master dimmer slider to adjust how bright your solid color or multi-color effects are. Other features include a strobing effect, a sound-activated mode, and a blackout mode.



Voltage 120V
Dimensions 8-3/4"L x 5-3/4"W x 2-3/4"H
Modes 9 preset colors
9 color-changing effects
Manual RGB
DMX Compatible Yes
DMX Connection XLR3
DMX Channels 3
Warranty 3-year Manufacturer warranty
Manufacturer American Lighting
Manufacturer Model Number DMX-RGB-3