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LED Replacement A-Lamps

A-shape lamps are the most common style of bulbs; they're what everyone things of when they think of a typical "light bulb." A-shape replacement lamps are available in multiple wattages, color temperatures, and sizes making them suitable for a wide-range of applications. A19 size lamps are the most popular and used in a wide variety of fixtures. For increased light output, a larger A21 lamp may do the trick. Need a smaller bulb with low light output for ambiance? Try an A15 bulb.

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LED A19 lamps are incredibly energy-efficient, reaching as much as 80 to 90 percent efficiency when compared to traditional bulbs. LED A-lamps are a great a low-wattage replacement for old incandescent bulbs that consume more power. A traditional 60-watt light bulb can now be replaced with an LED version that consumes only 1/10th of the energy. LED bulbs will also outlast their incandescent counterparts lasting 25,000 hours of use or more. Dimmable versions make it possible to install your new LED bulbs on a dimmer switch. Upgrade to LED replacement lamps today and start experiencing stellar performance and energy savings whenever you flip on the light switch.