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LED Replacement A-Lamps

Find the highest-quality, affordable A19 LED bulbs at Take Three Lighting. These replacement lamps are available in multiple wattages and color temperatures, making them suitable for a wide-range of applications. Each lamp has a Medium E26 base and offers a longer lifespan than the average incandescent bulb with high durability, and low UV emissions. These lamps are incredibly energy-efficient reaching as much as 80 to 90 percent efficiency when compared to traditional bulbs. If the environment is on your mind, LEDs are ecologically friendly and toxin-free.

Each LED lamp can be used as a low-watt substitute for incandescent bulbs that consume more power. LED bulbs will also outlast their incandescent counterparts lasting 25,000 hours of use or more. We have dimmable varieties, too, that make it possible to install your new LED bulb on a dimmer switch. In addition to the improved performance many bulbs come with a factory warranty and an Energy Star certification that will inspire confidence in you. Save money whenever you flip on the light switch with our A19 LED replacement lamps.