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Light Bars & Linear Fixtures

A linear light fixture or under-cabinet light bar has many uses in today’s home, office, or retail environments. In fact, most residential or commercial settings can use this type of lighting as highly efficient and cost-effective task lighting or display light. Using advanced LED technology, LED light bars and linear lights provide exceptional quality light using far less energy than other light traditional sources such as incandescent, halogen, or CFL/fluorescent lights. Also, these under-cabinet lights are typically linkable and larger in size than other task light options, such as puck lighting. These fixtures are easy to install and are cool to the touch and eco-friendly, with no toxic substances that end up in a landfill. In fact, the fixtures rarely need to be thrown away, since LED chips have an average lifespan of up to 35,000 hours or longer.

Under-cabinet lights can be used as task lighting or for display lighting. They’re ideal for retail displays and to provide focused light in kitchens and work areas.

We only carry the very best light bars and under-cabinet lighting from the world’s elite lighting companies, such as American Lighting, Maxim Lighting, Nora Lighting, and others. They are all committed to innovative lighting that takes advantage of the latest available technology.