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Nora Lighting LED Drivers and Driver Accessories

Low voltage LED lighting offers many advantages over line voltage lights, but special parts and accessories are required to convert 120V circuits and avoid instantly frying your bulbs and fixtures. Nora Lighting offers a selection of LED drivers and accessories that will step down the line voltage that comes standard on U.S. outlets and junction boxes into a current that is usable for your commercial lights. By doing this, you will experience longer fixture life, lower operating costs, more lighting choices, safer current levels and other favorable outcomes. These quality accessories will help you quickly offset the higher initial costs of low voltage lighting with their efficient construction and operation.

Nora LED drivers and transformers can be added to any low-voltage linear or accent lighting system that you want to use on a line voltage circuit. Options such as hardwire LED drivers and direct plug-in drivers are Class 2 compliant to reduce the risk of shock and electrical fires. Dimmable magnetic drivers deliver a constant voltage and are built to protect against power surges, short circuits and other common problems.

In addition to standard LED driver components, Nora Lighting offers more advanced components that help you take full control of your lighting. Their NEXUS LED line includes combined low voltage dimmer and driver switches into one convenient wall switch unit, eliminating the need for a separate driver. Order these great products if you want to install puck lights, step lights, light bars, landscape lights or any other low voltage light for your business. Nora Lighting, which is known for their innovation and high build quality, includes multi-year warranties with all their UL-listed LED driver parts.