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BR30 LED Bulbs

Our LED replacement bulbs feature a range of color temperatures and a narrow path of illumination, ideal for your spotlight or floodlight needs. Each BR30 bulb Take Three Lighting carries features a medium E26 base, which will fit securely into any standard socket. Available in bright white and warmer color temperatures, BR30 shaped bulbs are better suited for general lighting needs. These low-watt LED lamps use just a fraction of the energy that outdated and unreliable incandescent bulbs do, so you can keep your electric bill affordable.

LED lamps are designed to outlast traditional incandescent bulbs, which simply burn out after extended use, while LEDs will last for 25,000 hours of use or more. Thatís almost three years of continuous use. And even after their expected lifespan, LEDs donít just shut off, they gradually start to dim. Our LEDs are also built tough, so that you donít have to worry during outdoor use in spotlights and floodlights. All of our bulbs come equipped with a manufacturerís warranty so you can purchase with confidence. Energy Star-approved lamps will ensure that your electric bill stays within budget.