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American Lighting Omni Tunable LED Puck Lights

Using the Trulux wireless control system from American lighting, the Omni Tunable LED puck lights are a highly versatile lighting solution that allows you to adjust the white color temperature of the fixtures from a warm 2700K all the way up through a cool 6000K white. Now you can set the perfect mood and atmosphere based on the needs of your space.

Set to a warm 2700K or 3000K white, these lights will have a slightly yellowish hue similar to that of a traditional incandescent light source, providing a soothing and comforting feel for accent lighting situations light lighting a bookcase or art niche in your home or task lighting application such as undercabinet lighting in your kitchen, bathing your countertops in abundant light.

A more neutral white range of 3500K to 4500K yields an inviting, yet neat and clean feel to a space. This is perfect for homes with a more modern design style or for providing accent light in commercial settings.

Retail stores can use the Omni Tunable puck light as a great solution for display case and product promotion accent lighting. Dialing the light temperature up to 6000K yields a bright and vibrant feeling, and makes colors and objects "pop"!

The Omni Tunable LED puck lights are available as individual pucks in either round or square profiles, and a choice of three finish styles, for larger installations. A Trulux control system consisting of the RF receiver, RF controller, and LED driver is required. Alternatively, an all-in-one kit also available for easy plug-in installation of a simple 3-light system with all required components included.