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American Lighting EdgeLink LED Flat Panel

The American Lighting EdgeLink LED Flat Panel light is a great solution for new construction or remodel projects that require an unobtrusive lighting solution that has excellent light quality with optimal optic design and simple installation. The EdgeLink family of under cabinet task lights has an edge-lit LED design with a diffused lens that provides smooth, even light. This design eliminates the pixelization or "dotted" effect that is common in other LED task light fixtures (a result of bright LEDs reflecting off the shiny countertop surface below).

The edge-lit design has the added benefit of reducing the size of these fixtures. At around only 3/8" in thickness, these ultra low profile light fixtures can be placed anywhere and still be out of sight. Even if you have wall cabinets that don't have a built-in valance that was traditionally required to obstruct the sight of a light problem!

Each EdgeLink Flat Panel light fixture outputs 3000K warm white light with a high CRI rating of 90+ for accurate colors. Fixtures are easily linkable together. Installation is a breeze with the revolutionary magnetic mounting system.