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American Lighting Tunable EdgeLink LED Flat Panel

The American Lighting Tunable EdgeLink LED Flat Panel light is a great solution for new construction or remodel projects that require an unobtrusive lighting solution that has excellent light quality with optimal optic design and simple installation. Its edge-lit LED design with a diffused lens that provides smooth, even light that eliminates the pixelization or "dotted" effect that is common in other LED task light fixtures.

With the ability to adjust the color temperature using the easy-to-use Trulux control system, now you can fine tune the level of warmth or coolness you need to bring to your application from an amber-hued 2700K to a crisp 6000K. This adjustable white capability light allows the Tunable EdgeLink series of flat panel lights to be a perfect solution for task lighting, accent lighting, and display lighting scenarios. In a residential setting, you may choose a warm 2700K or 3000K to evoke a cozy atmosphere, while a more neutral 4000K-5000K will suite commercial work environments better. Display case and retail applications can dial in a cool, crisp 6000K for a bright daylight effect that will make merchandise pop.

Each Tunable EdgeLink Flat Panel light fixture features a high CRI rating for accurate colors and features a revolutionary magnetic mounting system for easy installation.