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Indoor/Outdoor Light Stringers

For adding a decorative touch while illuminating a space and providing light for safety and security purposes, nothing is as effective as indoor/outdoor light stringers. Just a small sampling of possible applications include outdoor festivals and special events, a restaurant’s alfresco dining area, holiday decorations for a retail store, and grounds lighting for an inn or private residence.

Whether you’re a designer planning outdoor lighting for a public park space, retail establishment or shopping mall or an event planner organizing a wedding or seasonal celebration, the practical and decorative multipurpose uses of light stringers make them a great value. If you want something more subtle than flood lights, consider these light stringers; they’re designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

We offer everything you need for installing light strings — the light strings themselves, catenary suspension cable for proper support, and the required decorative LED bulbs to bring your space to life. Indoor–outdoor light strings from Take Three Lighting give you the best of both worlds. They’ll beautify a space while making it safe and secure.