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LED and CFL Lamps


Get a Custom Quote for LED Lamps

Contact us today and let us assemble a custom quote for your bulk LED replacement lamp needs.

Find the replacement lamps you need for less at Take Three Lighting. We have the most popular LED lamp replacements, with the latest highest-efficiency models to keep your projects well-lit without causing electric bills to skyrocket. LED lamps feature many benefits, including having a longer lifespan and consuming far less energy than traditional light sources. They won’t burn out like incandescent bulbs. Instead, these durable lamps provide years of energy efficient operation at cooler operating temperatures.

We carry a range of commercial and industrial lamps. For industrial applications, A-shaped LED bulbs operate in extremely cold or hot temperatures. We also offer BR, or Bulged Reflector lamps. These LED lamps are ideal for indoor use. Our BR30s and BR40s produce less shadow and can be used in a variety of of applications. For your parabolic aluminized reflector lighting needs, try our PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 lamps. These lamps feature a hard glass cover designed to create an airtight compartment over the reflecting surface. PAR lights are perfect for use in floodlights and spotlights.

Start saving money on your energy bills today by replacing your facility’s old incandescent or halogen bulbs with energy saving LED replacement lamps from Take Three Lighting.