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Accessories for Solid Color LED Polar 2 Neon Flex

Whether you’re a home-owner or business-owner, you’d never start a new project without having the proper tools in your toolkit. That includes setting up LED neon flex linear lights. Don’t worry; we have you covered because we offer all the neon flex accessories and mounting and connecting equipment you’ll need to pull off any project, large or small.

Our comprehensive collection of neon flex accessories and supplies includes power cord kits, extension cords, and splice connectors with heat shrink tubing that enable you to wrap, wind and strategically place your neon rope lights any way you please. Don’t forget the aluminum channels to hold your neon in perfectly straight line.

Each piece in our collection of neon flex accessories and supplies has been designed to help you create a memorable look that will grab your guests’ attention. Whether you’re outlining the amazing shapes built into your establishment, highlighting property features, or placing a lighted border on your building perimeter, you’ll find these accessories extremely handy.

As must-haves for any neon lighting project, these power cords, connectors, channels, and track are affordable and reliable. Each is made of high-quality materials that can last through rough weather, stand up to the elements and blend in with your existing décor so they don’t detract from the amazing effects of your neon lighting scheme. These accessories can easily blend into the background to make creating a truly unique look easier than ever before. We understand that you want to protect your investment by using the right accessories, so we carry everything you need to do exactly that.