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Track and Accessories

Get the linear track, parts, and accessories you need to piece together your perfect track lighting project.

Indoor track lighting offers precise lighting for a wide variety of applications. In business and retail settings, track lights can be used to illuminate merchandise displays, gallery exhibits, work areas and conference rooms. In contemporary homes, you see track lights in living rooms and providing focused light over counters and kitchen islands. For a successful track light installation in your home or business, you need the best track lighting systems and track lighting accessories. Here you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality track lighting components from premiere companies like Nora Lighting.

Enhance your home décor by using track lighting to dramatically illuminate bookshelves, artwork, and living room conversation areas. Install them over a food preparation area in a kitchen, over a bathroom vanity, or to light up open storage shelves and counters in a laundry room. In commercial locations and public buildings, track lighting is especially effective in galleries, museums, clothing stores, shoe stores, delicatessens, coffee shops, restaurants, and any other setting where sharp, focused light is required.