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PAR20 LED replacement bulbs are the perfect option to illuminate any outdoor sign, driveway, or important building feature. Replace your halogen floodlight bulbs with LEDs for a modern style that will make a difference in your energy costs. While conventional light bulbs waste most of their energy in the form of heat, LEDs remain cool and offer maximum efficiency, allowing them to last for thousands of hours. Our PAR20 lamps are a great example of the benefits of light emitting diodes. Each PAR20 lamp has a medium E26 base to fit in standard sockets with ease. They are available in color temperatures that are suitable for a variety of applications, giving you some flexibility with your lighting options.

These lamps emit a narrow light spread to compliment your spotlight or floodlight application. Our low-watt LED lamps can create the equivalent amount of light that a much higher wattage halogen light would. However, unlike halogen lamps, these will not burn out. Instead, they will slowly dim after years of use. The best part is that these lights are Energy Star rated for use in your residential or commercial application. Expect the backing a multi-year manufacturer’s warranty to come with your new PAR20 bulbs, so you can make this purchase with confidence.