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Low Voltage Track Heads

With low voltage track heads, you can create a stylish, industrial look in your business or home. This type of commercial and residential lighting is incredibly versatile, so it makes a great addition to everything from homes and offices to restaurants, museums, bars and more. Low voltage track heads use very small form factor lamps, typically low voltage MR16 in either traditional halogen or newer LED. Because these low voltage fixtures use a small lamp, the fixtures themselves are quite small. With their adjustable heads and the focused-beam light output from the MR16 lamps, they are great for accent lighting applications, offering the chance to intimately illuminate specific areas. As a result, they are often used for artwork lighting, niche lighting, and other applications that require a punch of brighter illumination in a specific area.

Low voltage track heads come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. While the look of track lighting has an industrial feel, choosing between different fixtures allows business owners and homeowners alike to incorporate a retro or contemporary style based on their needs.