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Line Voltage Track Heads

Line voltage track heads are track system light fixtures designed for use with 120-volt replaceable lamps, usually traditional halogen or LED PAR-style lamps. They’re often used to create greater light output in higher ceiling applications compared with low-voltage track heads, so they’re appropriate for installation in retail, museums, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, public spaces, and stores with higher ceilings. Line voltage track lighting is highly versatile, so lighting designers can create a continuous look throughout the space with multiple different lamp types.

Line voltage track lighting comes in many unique options and styles to suit your specific interior décor and design theme and accent lighting needs. Larger spaces will benefit from dual-headed horizontal styles designed for PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps. Dual-headed track lights are an efficient option because they reduce per lamp-head fixture costs as well as installation costs. Some smaller line voltage options reduce the need for an electric transformer, so they’re appropriate for installation in areas where space is limited, such as restaurants and bars.