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LED Track Heads

LED track heads are light fixtures featuring integrated LED light sources for use with track lighting systems. Unlike traditional line voltage or low-voltage heads, the light source on an LED track head is fixed in place. If you’re looking for a robust and sustainable commercial track lighting solution, these are the ideal choice. Compared to traditional track heads — even those fitted with LED bulbs — integrated LED track light fixtures are designed from the ground up with LEDs in mind, from the housing to the driver to the thermal management and heat dissipation.

There are a wide variety of LED track head lighting options to suit your specific needs, including options with the high-ceiling, high-output requirements of traditional line voltage heads as well as the low-ceiling, high-impact accent lighting requirements of traditional low voltage heads. Line voltage LED fixtures often feature highly adjustable heads for targeted lighting in commercial spaces. LED track lights offer an efficient, flexible accent lighting option for retail, hospitality, corporate offices, museums and exhibit spaces and more.