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MaxLite Plug-and-Play LED Lightbars

MaxLite's 120-volt self-driven LED under-cabinet Lightbars are the best of both worlds: they provide gorgeous illumination on workspaces, in coves and cubbies, and almost anywhere else while saving you time and money. These LED under-cabinet lights are perfect for wall-washing applications, indirect or accent lighting and showcasing collectibles or items for sale. Since they're extremely energy-efficient, you'll save on utility costs without compromising the quality of light. The dimmable plug-and-play LED light bars in our extensive collection have a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

These LED plug and play light bars are available in a variety of lengths, from a tiny 6-inch light bar with nine LEDs for tight spaces, up to 60-inch and 72-inch bars for long, continuous runs. Whether you're lighting a bookshelf as a nighttime accent in your office, illuminating a retail display case, or you're creating the perfect ambience in a restaurant, you'll find the right dimmable LED light bars for your needs right here.

MaxLite's dimmable LED plug-and-play light bars are made from extruded aluminum that's been powder coated, which makes them more durable and reliable than most other lights. They're sleek, neat, and easy to install with interconnectable ends that link the bars together for a continuous, seamless appearance. They're equipped with an architectural-grade diffuser that masks individual bulbs and creates an even distribution of light. Since they don't create harmful UV rays and they burn cool, many people consider them safe alternatives to traditional light sources. No matter what you need to illuminate, we have the LED light bars and accessories you're looking for in our comprehensive collection.