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In-Ground Recessed Well Lights

In-ground recessed lighting, also known as well lights, provide a great way to provide up-lighting of both softscape features such as trees and foliage and hardscape/architectural features such as retaining walls, columns, statues, exterior walls, signage, and flagpoles. Well lights are recessed below the ground and are often used when standard above-ground lighting fixtures are not desired.

In-ground well lighting can inject an amazing vibrancy into your nighttime landscape lighting. For home and businesses with interesting architectural features such as colonnades, archways, or simply an exterior wall with an interesting texture, recessed well lights provide an inconspicuous method of illuminating these features.

Well lights often have adjustable and rotatable optics, allowing you to point the light exactly where you need it. You can position the well lights a short distance away to flood the target object with light (great for statues and architectural features) Another common approach is to position them right at the base to graze the surface of the target with light (great for textured walls and columns), which creates dynamic shadows.

Another common use for well lighting is to illuminate tall vertical features such as flag poles and tree trunks. Because the light in embedded in the ground and is not visible from a distance, it does not detract from the beautiful visual of a lit-up flag and flagpole or an illuminated tree trunk and its canopy of leaves. Likewise, in-ground lighting is great for signage that is low to the ground, such as signage mounted on a retaining wall at the entrance to a resort, golf club, or residential neighborhood. With a low profile and adjustable optics, well lights can light up the sign, yet stay out of the way so you don't have an unsightly landscape lighting fixture blocking part of the sign.

And with LED bulbs and integrated LED panels, in-ground landscape well lights are more efficient that ever before and have more punch and optical control.