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Jesco DL-RS Rigid Light Bar Drivers

When youíre ready to hook up your Jesco DL-RS LED rigid light bars, make sure you have the right power supply on hand. Plug-in drivers make it easy to get instant lighting in any space; no worrying about complex wiring or tricky power situations. Instead, youíll get a simple plug and play solution for your strip lighting setup. For more permanent indoor installations, or for any outdoor installations, choose a more robust hardwire driver.

With drivers available for indoor or outdoor uses, you can get high-quality lighting anywhere when the appropriate driver is attached. Always be sure to check how much wattage your light bars will be using and choose an appropriately sized driver. Never exceed the capacity of the driver.

Choosing a driver made by Jesco is the smart choice when working with one of the brandís popular DL-RS rigid light bars. Because itís made by the same trusted brand, youíll know youíre getting a high-quality, durable product. And since itís specifically made to complement this type of lighting system, you can order with confidence knowing that these drivers will work perfectly with your Jesco DL-RS LED light bars.